About Will Tumonis

Will TumonisI’m Vitalius “Will” Tumonis and I primarily work as a strategic policy advisor. Previously, I was an academic researcher focusing on various aspects of behavioral and theoretical decision making. My current professional interests revolve around two interrelated fields:

  • Decision making and strategic thinking. I mostly focus on research in behavioral sciences, and especially in the context of developing fundamental skills of agile decision making, strategic thinking, and complex problem solving. Apart from the more fundamental aspects, I’m also interested in a more specific application of complex problem solving and creative thinking to social and political challenges (i.e. social and political innovation).
  • Strategic influence. My main focus is on public influence relating to environmental strategy, diffusion of social innovations, social advocacy, and political institutional change.

For any inquiries about my advisory, training or other professional services, please visit the Swaycraft website (www.swaycraft.com).